Brad Livingston, Motivational Safety Speaker, will be sharing his story at the 32nd Annual VPPPA Conference in Kissimmee, FL on August 30th, check him out if you are there! 


Coming up in 2016, Brad will be sharing his work place safety story with the Nebraska Safety Council, Sunflower Electric, and will speak at the Sunoco Logisctics Safety Conference as well!  Brad will also be speaking and will have a booth at the Expo at the 2016 National Safety Council Congress & Expo October 15th - 21st in Anaheim, CA.  He will be speaking on Tuesday, October 18th at 3:30 PM, if you are headed to Anaheim, check out his session or booth!

Check back in for updates to see what Brad Livingston is up to! 


Brad Livingston - Speaker

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