• What type of company would benefit from hearing Brad Livingston’s presentation? +

    Any company that requires their employees to maintain workplace safety on a job site would benefit from hearing Brad’s presentation.
  • Where can Brad travel to for presentations? +

    Brad has traveled to nearly every state and even a few different countries to share his message. As long as travel is feasible, Brad will travel to any location.
  • What should my employees expect to hear in Brad’s presentation? +

    Anyone should expect to hear about the importance of workplace safety as it relates to their personal lives, as well as professional lives. Workplace accidents impact the families of the victim as well as the victim.
  • How big of an audience will Brad speak to? +

    Any size! Brad has spoken to hundreds of people at once, and as little as ten people at once. No audience size is too large or small!
  • Are there discount rates available when booking a presentation? +

    Yes! Brad offers a variety of discounts for booking multiple presentations. Please contact us for more details!
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