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I inspire and motivate people to work safely every day for the right reason, one they may be over-looking. From personal experience I tell about the deadly combination of too much pride, improper perspectives and those 'time-saving' shortcuts. You won't soon forget what happened.

After being employed by a natural gas pipeline company for 10 years, Brad Livingston was involved in a potentially life-ending incident on the job that was 100% preventable. During his presentation, you will hear words like perspective, attitude, short-cut, pride and complacency. You will learn how each of these played a role in the actions that led to his injuries, and how those injuries have affected every day of the rest of his life.

Brad Livingston and his wife Bobbi currently live in Elkhart, KS. They have 3 grown daughters and 8 beautiful grandchildren.

Brad currently travels the country as a professional speaker sharing his story on the importance of workplace safety. Brad is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, and was asked to contribute a chapter to the book entitled “Speaking of Success”.

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